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UUR Kultuur Nikght at the Museum

Wednesday 23 November 2016 from 7:00. More information

Info sessions on Monday November 21th 2016.

Tips and tricks 4: Master's thesis @ KU Leuven, from 20.00h till 21.00há
Tips and tricks 5: Presentation techniques @ KU Leuven, from 21.00h till 22.00há

More info and registration

Support for students with a disability

In need of bigger print, (digital) braille?á Or more time for an examination because of dyslexia? Are you absent on a regular basis because of a chronic illness? Problems concentrating? Do not hesitate and contact disability officer Evelien Ameloot, tel. 016 32 44 59, More info:

The KU Leuven's Housing Service is making things a lot easier for you

Kotwijs, the KU Leuven's website that helps you look for student housing, has been updated: You now also get to see pictures of the accommodation you're interested in. The university's housing service also developed posters with QR-codes. In this way you can have a look at the details of the student housing you're literally standing in front of via

Where to put your bike safe and clean?

Only one place: in the underground parking lot at Campus Group T (level -1)
It is not allowed to put your bike:

  • along the entire sidewalk of the Campus
  • at the space before the entrance of the building
  • ábefore the evacuation doors